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Top Sellers Pack - Fatworks: The Defenders of Fat!
  • Top Sellers Pack - Fatworks: The Defenders of Fat!
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Here are our top sellers.  If you would like to get one of each of our most popular healthy animal fats, we will be happy to give you 5% off the individual prices.  Enjoy!

Certified Organic Non-Gmo Grass-Fed Pasture-Raised Beef Tallow! We know that's a lot of adjectives to deal with, so if it's easier, just think of this as "The Greatest Tallow Ever Made."  As you probably know, Grass-Fed in no way means Organic, and conversely, Organic does not mean Grass-Fed.  But, put them together, well now you have a truly special cooking fat. 

Organic Grass-Fed/Grass Finished Tallow was 3 YEARS IN THE MAKING!  Since we source from several small family ranchers we needed to have EACH of the farms be Organically certified, which is a lengthy process in itself. Then we had to wait for the production facility to get certified Organic, then we needed to get the approval from the USDA, and then...well you get the picture.  We were beginning to wonder if it would ever happen.  But as our mission is to continuously raise the standards of traditional fat, we refused to let it go. We are glad we stayed with it, as it is nice to give our customers the peace of mind that this delicious beef tallow is made 100% from Organic Non-GMO, grass-fed suet that is guaranteed to be pesticide, hormone and antibiotic-free.  

Our Organic Grass-Fed Beef Tallow is great for Keto, Carnivore, Paleo, AIP, WAP, and Whole30 followers who just want to eat REAL, delicious food.

Ingredients: Organic Grass-Fed Pasture-Raised Beef Tallow


Pasture Raised Pork Lard 14 oz: This is lard-crafted for flavor and made from the back fat and belly fat of pasture-raised pigs. Lard is a robust fat that is great for everyday cooking. Use for browning meat, sautéing veggies, and baking both sweet and savory treats. Lard has a high smoke point of 370°F so it is also great for frying your favorite potatoes. 

You probably know this by now, but it bears repeating: none of our products have added hormones or antibiotics and they are all pasture-raised by small family farmers. NOTE: You can filter our Pasture Raised Pork Lard for repeated use. Just drain through a coffee filter into a clean jar.

To appease the USDA our lards and poultry fats contain very small amounts of Organic Rosemary Extract.  Rosemary is not a preservative but it does have natural antioxidant properties.

Ingredients: Pasture Raised Lard, Organic Rosemary Extract


Cage Free Duck Fat 14 oz: The best way to add a little "Ohh-La-La" to your cooking is to cook with our Cage Free and Rendered Duck Fat for sale. Just mention "Duck Fat fries" and people lose their minds. Besides fries, our Cage Free and Rendered Duck Fat is great for confit-style dishes, roasted veggies, and savory pies. You can even spread it on a "quacker" with a little sea salt. We source specially bred ducks that are raised to forage on land rather than water, raised with room to roam, socialize, run around, preen their feathers, and be just about as ducky as any duck could wish. It should be noted that almost ALL ducks raised in the U.S. are cage-free and are by law hormone and antibiotic-free. What separates our cage-free duck fat from our competitors is our small batch, kettle rendering, and our advanced fine-filtering system creating the purest, BEST TASTING cage-free duck fat on the market! 

As oxidized animal fats are not good for you, the USDA requires this poultry fat contain very small amounts of Organic Rosemary Extract. Rosemary has natural antioxidant properties and adds a mild yet pleasant taste to the fat. 

Please note: there are 28 servings in the jar not 18

Ingredients: Cage-Free Duck Fat, Organic Rosemary Extract