It's Time To Get Fat. Real Fat!

The Bucket- 1 Gallon Grass Fed Tallow - Fatworks: The Defenders of Fat!
  • The Bucket- 1 Gallon Grass Fed Tallow - Fatworks: The Defenders of Fat!
The Bucket- 1 Gallon Grass Fed Tallow is quite popular lately and is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though today and we'll ship as soon as more become available.

We call this one, fittingly enough, "The Bucket" as it is 1 gallon (7.2 lbs. a.k.a112 oz) of our beloved Grass-Fed Beef Tallow inside a bucket (a heat resistant, BPA free bucket to be exact). It is our best value for big-time tallow lovers, fry fiends, and lotion makers.

We will save you some time doing math and just let you know that purchasing one "The Bucket" of Grass-Fed Beef Tallow is the equivalent of purchasing 8 of our regular 14 oz jars. That is all there is to say about "The Bucket" but below is some more info about our Grass Fed Tallow in general...

This is our flagship fat and the one that started the Fat Revolution! Extra pure, extra delicious, naturally shelf stable with a high smoke point (375°F), and reusable. Fatworks' Grass Fed Beef Tallow in bulk is made from Pasture-Raised, 100% Grass-Fed & Finished cows.  What separates us is that we use small family farms, not giant "grass-fed operations." We also use our fine-filtering system that allows our cooking oil to meet the highest standards of Gourmet Cooks, Passionate Bakers, Paleo followers, and those who know enough to Just Eat Real Food!   Skincare makers note there are seasonal and batch differences that will make for varying consistencies. We have had batches in which the tallow is hard and sometimes where it is softer. We do not homogenize, bleach, or deodorize.  Our tallow makes great skincare but please be aware that it may vary from batch to batch based on what natural gives us. 

*It seems that enough people must have fallen asleep during their middle school math class for this footnote to be necessary, but to be clear, a gallon is a unit of volume. not a unit of ounces.  A gallon holds 128 oz. of water, but a gallon of Tallow, Lard or Duck Fat is 112 oz, as fat is less dense than water. There are112 ounces of tallow in this 1-gallon bucket.  It is the equivalent of 8 of our 14 oz jars.

Ingredients: Grass-Fed, Grass Finished Beef Tallow