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Pig Pail- 1 Gallon - Fatworks: The Defenders of Fat!
  • Pig Pail- 1 Gallon - Fatworks: The Defenders of Fat!
Pig Pail- 1 Gallon is quite popular lately and is currently on backorder. You may still purchase now though today and we'll ship as soon as more become available.


After numerous requests for a larger size of lard, and though it took longer than we hoped, we are proud to announce the Pig Pail!   Sorry, it took so long but again, "We shall sell no Swine before its time!"

We call this one the "Pig Pail" and it is just as it sounds, 1 gallon (7.2 lbs.) of our prized Pasture Raised Pork Lard inside a heat resistant, BPA free bucket. You get more swine for your dime and more pig for your penny when you purchase bucket-style.

That is about all there is to say about "Pig Pail" but below is some more info about our Pasture Raised Pork Lard in general...

Pasture Raised Pork Lard is our most versatile lard as it is crafted from the back fat and belly fat of 100% Pasture Raised Pigs. Our Pork Lard bucket is a robust fat that is great for everyday cooking. You'll love it for everything from browning meat sautéing veggies and baking savory (or even sweet) treats. None of our products have added hormones or antibiotics and all are pasture-raised on small U.S. sustainable family farms!  Extra delicious, naturally shelf stable with a high smoke point (375°F) and reusable. Fatworks' Pasture Raised Pork Lard meets the highest standards of Gourmet Cooks, Passionate Bakers, Keto, Carnivore, and Paleo followers, as well as those who know enough to Just Eat Real Food!

Ingredients: Pasture Raised Pork Lard, Organic Rosemary Extract(.1%)