It's Time To Get Fat. Real Fat!

In Organic We Trust
  • In Organic We Trust

Please Note: Combo Pack's are not valid with other coupons. If you have a coupon code and enter it at checkout it will default to the code which has the greater savings. Ok, now on to the organic goodness of these animal fats...

This Combo Pack is called the "In Organic We Trust" Pack and it is selected for those who like their animal fats deliciously certified :) You will receive a 12% discount as compared to purchasing each of these individually. Enjoy your NON-GMO, Pesticide Free fats with no antibiotics or hormones, guaranteed.

Included in this FAT PACK: Organic Grass-Fed Beef Tallow (14 oz), Organic Pork Lard (14.4 oz), Organic Leaf Lard (14 oz), Organic Chicken Schmaltz (7.5 oz)

Organic Leaf Lard (14 oz): Sourced from U.S family farms. (No imported fat here!) This is most prized lard available. Organic means you can be guaranteed that this has been certified to have no GMO's pesticides, added hormones or antibiotics. Our Organic Free-Range Leaf Lard is the perfect fat for keto and paleo fat connoisseurs and the gourmet baker's secret weapon!

Rendered from the prized free-range "leaf" (internal fat) making it less "porky" tasting than our other lard offering which comes from back fat primarily. Both have their uses but as there is no meat muscle in the leaf it has a milder pork flavor and slightly higher saturated fat making it the perfect lard when you need a delicate, light, and "clean" taste. Bakers have cherished Leaf Lard because it creates the best crusts and cakes and cookies while not imparting any flavor of its own. And because of its high smoke point, pork leaf lard is simply perfect for frying and sautéing, especially when you want the natural flavors of your ingredients to shine. Fatworks Certified Organic Leaf Lard is essential for anyone interested in cooking with traditional fat. Take a bite of what you make with it and you'll soon be Praising the Lard.

Ingredients: Organic Free Range Leaf Lard, Organic Rosemary Extract

Certified Organic Non-Gmo Grass-Fed Pasture-Raised Beef Tallow (14 oz): We know that's a lot of adjectives to deal with, so if it's easier, just think of this as "The Greatest Tallow Ever Made." As you probably know, Grass-Fed in no way means Organic, and conversely, Organic does not mean Grass-Fed. But, put them together, well now you have a truly special cooking fat. 

Since we source from several small family ranchers we needed to have EACH of the farms be Organically certified, which is a lengthy process in itself. Then we had to wait for the production facility to get certified Organic, then we needed to get the approval from the USDA, and then...well you get the picture. We were beginning to wonder if it would ever happen. We are glad we stayed with it, as it is nice to give our customers the peace of mind that this delicious beef tallow is made 100% from Organic Non-GMO grass fed suet, guaranteed to be pesticide, hormone and antibiotic free.  

Our Organic Grass-Fed Beef Tallow is great for Keto, Carnivore, Paleo, AIP, WAP, and Whole30 followers who just want to eat REAL, delicious food.

Ingredients: Organic Grass-Fed Pasture-Raised Beef Tallow

Organic Chicken Shmaltz (7.5 oz): Nothing really compares to Chicken Fat Schmaltz. It has the richness of duck fat but with a milder and more aromatic flavor. Schmaltz adds complexity to a variety of dishes that you simply cannot reproduce any other way. Schmaltz is a joy to cook with and is the easiest way to add depth and complexity to leafy vegetables, stir-fries, pan-fried steaks, fish, poultry, soups, stews, baked goods, and for a special treat spread it right on a piece of bread like you would a high-quality butter or fine olive oil. It's no exaggeration to say Schmaltz gives potatoes and other root vegetables a flavor that is beyond anything most of us have experienced. If potatoes could talk to schmaltz they would say, "You complete me!" Fatworks Chicken Schmaltz is made with 100% Organic Free Range Chicken (which ain't easy to find!) and is rendered with the typical care and passion that you would expect from Fatworks.

If you would like to learn more about the joys of cooking with schmaltz we recommend that you pick up a copy of Michael Rulhman's quintessential book on schmaltz entitled, "The Book of Schmaltz-A Love Song to A Forgotten Fat."

And yes we know that so some a "true schmaltz" must be rendered chicken fat cooked in onions with salt (and preferably by your grandmother). Not everyone loves onions so our schmaltz is an unseasoned version, but if you are a purist and you wish to make the schmaltziest schmaltz that you could ever possibly schmaltz with, we recommend that you pour your Fatworks' Organic Free Range Chicken Fat in a pan, add some diced onions, salt, and sautée until the onions caramelize and then strain the fat into a container and put in the fridge to solidify. Voilà!." 

Ingredients: Organic Chicken Fat, Organic Rosemary Extract

Organic Pork Lard (14 oz):  Organically raised pigs are given space on the farm to be free-ranging, and of course, they are given the highest quality NON-GMO Organic feed. Use Organic Pork Lard for making tortillas, sautéing veggies, baking, pan-frying, and browning meat - the uses are endless. Our pork lard for sale has a smoke point of 370°F so it is also great for frying your favorite potatoes. 

Ingredients: Organic Pork Lard, Organic Rosemary Extract

NOTE: To appease the USDA standards of identity our lards and poultry fats contain a very small (about .1%) amount of Organic Rosemary Extract. The tallows and ghee do not contains the rosemary due to the amount of saturated fat, which is naturally more shelf-stable. Rosemary is not a preservative! It has natural antioxidant properties which are beneficial in lard and adds a hint of a pleasant herbal aroma, although the rosemary is so slight that it does not come through in the flavor.