It's Time To Get Fat. Real Fat!

Two Wagyu's Combo Pack
  • Two Wagyu's Combo Pack

Why decide when you can get one of each with this 2 Jar Combo Pack for 10% off.

So, which Wagyu will you do? How about both! Compare two of the world's most flavorful tallows and see which you prefer. Will you like the smooth decadent flavor of the Japanese A5 Fullblood Wagyu or is the rich, yet hearty offering of our American Wagyu more to your taste? Whatever you choose, this summer, whether sauteeing, frying, grilling or smokin' your meats, we urge you to Fat Responsibly! :)

Wagyu Beef Tallow shines for infusing or coating beef briskets, (or really any smoked meats) and can turn ordinary hamburgers into a gourmet experience. Great for roasting veggies, smoking, grilling, baking, sauteing, and of course is great on tallow standards like Tallow Fries, sauteed broccoli, and leafy greens! In recent years Wagyu beef tallow has become the secret weapon of grill chefs and pit bosses around the world and we are happy to bring you this delicious offering. So step up to that grill, smoker, or stove and embrace the Waygu Warrior within as you master the Way of the Waygu! Buy this Wagyu beef tallow combo pack today.