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New as of Spring 2023 we are excited to offer our Pasture Raised Venison Tallow, sourced exclusively from small family farms across the United States.  Venison is a lean animal by nature, but its fat produces a high-quality tallow that offers a range of benefits, both culinary and personal care related. Read on to discover the unique qualities of our "deerest tallow" yet.

Introducing our Pasture Raised Elk Tallow! Brand New as of June 2023

Raise Your Tallow Game with Pasture Raised Elk Tallow.  Sourced from Elk raised on lush pasture, where they roam freely and graze on nutrient-rich vegetation. No added hormones or antibiotics. 

Pasture Raised Elk Tallow brings a wealth of culinary possibilities to your kitchen. Its rich, slightly gamey flavor, adds a touch of the exotic to a wide range of dishes. Use Elk Tallow for sautéing, frying, and roasting, as its high smoke point allows for excellent heat stability and a delectable golden crust.